Nítid from the Latin nitidus, meaning bright, glistening or lustrous, clear; and nitere, to shine. Launched in 2017, the name is the inspiration for the loudspeaker series that celebrates 45 years of Amate Audio.

Nítid speaker systems employ the very latest digital amplification and processing technologies, in symbiosis with advanced acoustic research, to achieve exceptional levels of performance from ultra-compact speaker cabinets.

Not every installation environment requires masses of power handling capability from a high quality loudspeaker solution, the new Nítid PR series loudspeakers provide all of the compact form fact and signature sound quality of their higher power rated siblings but, with lower power specified performance – and resultant cost saving – for medium to smaller sized venue applications.

The three models – the N12PR, N15PR and N18WPR – all feature the same smart, low form factor, high performance design engineering and high-end Polyurea® finished, durable birch-ply construction.

In the case of the N12PR and N15PR, this includes the asymmetrical trapezoidal form factor that enables the cabinets to be deployed (stacked or pole mounted) as point source main PA, or horizontally in floor monitor mode, and an asymmetrical rotational horn (50˚ to 100˚ x 55˚ for N12PR and 60º x 50º for N15PR).

All three models feature Amate Audio’s proprietary 2mm thick speaker grilles, providing both robust protection and improved sound quality with the best perforation coefficient in the market.

While lower power rated than their ‘P’ suffixed equivalents, the ‘PR’ models boast power-handling capabilities higher than what is required for the vast majority of musical entertainment venues – and significantly in excess of similar, price comparable systems – ensuring high quality signal reproduction and ample headroom. The two 2-way full-range systems – the N12PR and N15PR – boast continuous musical program ratings of 400 W and 800 W, respectively, and similarly high continuous maximum SPL outputs of 123 dB and 128 dB.

The N12PR configuration comprises a 2 “ voice coil 12 “ LF/MF driver and a 1.4″ PETP diaphragm compression driver coupled with the asymmetrical horn; the N15PR, a 3″ voice coil 15″ LF/MF driver and 1.75 PM4 diaphragm compression driver coupled to the asymmetrical horn. Weighing just 18.2 kg (N12PR) and 27.8 kg (N15PR), both systems are extremely easy to handle setup, rig or install with M8 rigging points for easy flying. 35mm diameter pole mount sockets mounted for a standard tripod and protective rubber profiles.

Dedicated loudspeaker management presets for both models are available with the Amate Audio LMS206 and TPD processors and processor amp.

Accurate internal passive crossovers achieve optimum smooth and clear frequency response, while including excellent protection for the HF driver. Connectors are placed on an inclined plane, effectively protecting them against rain or moisture. Double Speakon NL4MPR®sockets are featured on the input and link connections.

The N18WPR is a versatile, lightweight and highly compact powerful 18” sub. The bass-reflex, tuned laminar ported cabinet optimises performance of the 4” voice coil 18” driver. Maximum power handling is rated at 2000 W continuous music program and 1000 W RMS. Continuous maximum SPL is rated at 130dB.


With its exceptionally compact enclosure weighing under 50 kg and with M6 points (For KR-18T flying hardware), the N18WPR is easily transported and deployed. Dedicated loudspeaker management presets for the N18WPR are available on the LMS206 and TPD. The N18WPR offers exceptional performance and represents incredible value in the product class.