New Key series unlocked

With the new KEY series, Master Audio wants to offer new possibilities and specially help to make a statement:
never more your budget will compromise your sound quality!

February 28, 2014 – BARCELONA —

KEY Acoustic Systems are perfect for delivering flawless sound at any venue, offering excellent reliability thanks to their engineering and carefully selected components.

The new Key series is composed of full-range, two-way speaker systems in three formats: 8” (KEY8), 12” (KEY12 / KEY12A), 15”(KEY15 / KEY15A) and for complement of bass response KEY18W / KEY18WA. There is a Built-in DSP for active cabinets.

They offer multi-purpose, full-range systems that can also be used as stage monitors and a compact subwoofer to enhance and complement bass response— all with the absolute reliability of a product “Made in Spain”.

KEY opens the door to professional sound.
KEY. Unlock the beat!

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