Moscow College of Urban Planning and Entrepreneurship


Our distributor for Russia Atanor designed the Auditorium for the Moscow College of Urban Planning and Entrepreneurship. Concerts, parties, formal events can be hold now in the hall. Moreover, the hall also allow students to watch movies and make theatre performances.

Such a variety of activities can be conducted with high quality stereo sound provided by Master Audio Joker active speakers systems at the stage and hung on the walls. JK15WA subwoofers enhance and create a surround effect. Furthermore, the systems allow playing guitars and other musical instruments thanks to its connections. Great concerts could be held!

Video display system includes a projector with motorized screen and five TV sets located in the hall (3 of them) and in a lobby (2 TV sets). All the screens can display any content such as movies, presentations, announcement, and also they can transmit the signal that comes from PTZ camera located in the hall.

The lighting equipment complements the system of the hall. There are two rotating spotlights mounted by the stage sides and four spotlights backlighting it from the inside. A smoke machine is also set on the stage.

An interactive tribune with built-in computer on stage provides holding the formal events. The operator can also perform this function as well as manage the whole system.

Lighting, video and sound quality make the hall the perfect place for great performances.
Equipment list:
1+1 JK12A Point Source Systems
1+1 JK15WA Subwoofers
2+2 JK26A Point Source Systems

master-audio-moscu-college-1 master-audio-moscu-college-3
master-audio-moscu-college-4 master-audio-moscu-college-2