Metz @ Beachclub Royal


The sun, the sea, the beach and nice music at Beachclub Royal. You don’t need any more to have a sublime Sunday.

Beachclub Royal is considered the best beach club in Netherlands in recent years, and it is located on a privileged place at the end of the southern bank of the Nieuwe Waterweg, only at 30 km from Rotterdam.

A great party with great sound thanks to Master Audio systems and amazing sound brought by DJs like DJ Vinny James, DJ Chris Rox, DJ Rae, DJ Jasper Clash, MC Haits and Cherokee on Percussion.
Equipment list:
6+6 Line Array Systems X210
1+1 Subwoofers X215W
2+2 Line Array Systems X210
1+1 Subwoofers X218W
2+2 Point Source X12CE
1+1 Subwoofer X18WE
1 Stage Monitor JK12MA

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Photo credits:
Henk van der Giesen

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