Master Audio presented its latest innovations.

November 20, 2013 – BARCELONA —
This year Master Audio participated in the most important event in professional sound in Vietnam, Palme Vietnam 2013.
Attendees were able to see the major brand products accompanied by live music in the stand.
Furthermore, there was outdoor demo where they could hear and see a full line array system in action.
The system was composed of 16 cabinets of X208 and 4 X218W for bass reinforcement. Both from Xcellence series.
Thanks to our distributor in Vietnam MEDIA EQUIPMENT JOIN STOCK for for their great effort and work on this exhibition.
They are Xcellence, and you?

PALME-VIETNAM-2013-4-960x640 PALME-VIETNAM-2013-6-960x640 PALME-VIETNAM-2013-9-960x640 PALME-VIETNAM-2013-8-960x640 PALME-VIETNAM-2013-7-960x640 PALME-VIETNAM-2014-10-960x640