Marina BBface & The Beatroots @ Master Audio

The music band Marina BBface & The Beatroots records part of its latest video at Master Audio Headquarters

May 26, 2014 – BARCELONA —

On May 11th, at Amate Audio headquarters was recorded “Time to Begin” the latest music video from the Barcelona based band Marina BBface & The Beatroots.

“Time to begin” is the album debut of the band where they play with different rhythms and create a personal and vibrant style playful as funk, intense as soul and brazen as rock.

The new funk/soul band is formed by Marina BBface, who was the singer of The Pepper Pots, and members of Cardova, Sol Lagarto and Chocadelia Int.

For the videoclip, there are 3 stage monitors from Joker Series : two JK10MA and one JK12MA. There were also two JK15A hanging at the background.

Here you can see the video.

Listen to the album on Deezer
Listen to the album on Spotify Marina BBface & The Beatroots – Time to Begin
Buy the album here
More information about the band here

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Matina-BBface-videoclip-2 Matina-BBface-videoclip-9 Matina-BBface-videoclip-12 Matina-BBface-videoclip-15 Matina-BBface-videoclip-8 Matina-BBface-videoclip-4 Matina-BBface-videoclip-5 Matina-BBface-videoclip-7 Matina-BBface-videoclip-13