Malacca International River Festival 2014

Malacca – Malaysia

Majlis Penutup Pesta Sungai Melaka or Malacca International River Festival is an event organised by the Government of Malacca since 2007 and has become, thanks to the large number of people, an international event showing Malaysian culture.

Many activities are carried out every year during the festival along the river; the boat parade, Malacca parade, Dragon boat race, Malacca river marathon, kayak race, international seminar, fishing competition, and many other cultural shows.

Systems from Xcellence series were used at the closing event. Great sound coverage all over the venue to keep any detail of the show.

Thanks to our friends in Malaysia Apple Entertainment & Advertising for the info.
Equipment list:
6+6 X210 Line Array Systems
1+1 X215W Subwoofers
3+3 X218W3K Subwoofers

Have a look at the full gallery here

master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-1 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-9 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-10 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-11 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-2 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-7 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-5
master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-12master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-13 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-14 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-6 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-8 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-3 master-audio-Malacca-river-festival-2014-4