Macau Grand Prix 2015

Macau – China

December 19, 2015

Regarded as the most prestigious and international event in the local calendar, the 62nd Macau Grand Prix was held last November 19 in the Chinese city of Macau.

For several days, the city was flooded with adrenaline and engines roaring, and the circuit was the centre of attention. After the tough and intense days through the path’s tight turns, Mercedes Benz team’s Swedish driver Felix Rosenqvist rose as the Formula 3 winner. Victory went to Frenchman Robert Huff of the Honda team in the GT category. The British Peter Hickman, from the BMW team, won in motorcycles.

Naturally, the best ally of the engines and the public was the high quality sound provided by Amate Audio various acoustic solutions. The Joker Series JK26 and JK10 passive solutions, with HD series HD1200 and HD3200 amplifiers. All these solutions have been permanently installed along the entire circuit and in the press room.

Thanks to our distributor in China MAJESTIC TRADING COMPANY for the info.

Equipment list:
Outdoor Area
60 JK10 point source systems
17 HD3200 amplifiers

Press Area
8 JK26 point source systems
2 HD1200 amplifiers

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