LOVE F HOTEL by Fashiontv

Bali – Indonesia

The prestigious fashiontv brand presents its first hotel in the world named Love Fashion Hotel by fashiontv.
Rated as a four star, the hotel features 202 stylish rooms and suites and offers a high fashion concept that is transformed into opulence and comfortable chic living for an enjoyable vacation in Bali.

Love Fashion Hotel by fashiontv is strategically located in the heart of Legian (Bali), the most popular zone for its chic boutiques, glitzy bars, famous surf breaks and magnificent sunsets.

The perfect sound coverage at the hotel accompanies fashionable and chic events with a wide range of Amate Audio Systems.
Speaker systems from Joker and Xcellence series, the well-known MA206D Line Array System and the processing by HD power amplifiers, DSP series and TP2400.

The hotel was designed by the internationally renowned firm Marques and Jordy, which transformed the luxurious and glamorous Fashiontv brand in luxury and elegance. The hotel includes a spacious hall with a sensational catwalk, fashionable dining room and restaurant, pool area with Jacuzzi, private cabanas, relaxing spa and F Love Store which features exclusive merchandise by Love Fashion Hotel by fashiontv as well as other Love Fashion Hotel’s logo gears.

There is also F Love Bar which is Bali’s premier nightlife destination, catering to a discerning audience with higher sensibilities. The exquisitely designed space encompasses everything in a very elegant way. The F Love Bar, rich in the tradition of a high glamorous fashion concept and original creativity, will flawlessly maintain its position as the most desirable cosmopolitan nightclub in Bali and a world class nightclub destination.

Thanks to KEN’S AUDIO, our exclusive distributor in Indonesia for the info.
Equipment list:
Entrance hall
4x X15LTP point source systems
2x X18WE subwoofers
2x HD3200 power amplifiers
1x DSP608 digital loudspeaker management system

Black Diamond restaurant
4x JK26 point source systems
1x JK18W1 subwoofer
1x TP2400 2.1 triphonic amplifier

Love café
4x JK26 point source systems

Jacuzzi Bar
8x MA206D line array systems
2x MD215 subwoofers
1x X12CE point source system
1x HD3200 power amplifier
1x DSP608 digital loudspeaker management system

Love Bar
Main PA:
4x X15LTE point source systems
2x X218W subwoofers
8x X12CE point source systems
4x X18WE subwoofers
DJ Monitors:
2x X12CE point source systems
Stage Monitors:
4x X12CE point source systems
VIP terrace:
2x X12CE point source systems
2x DSP608 digital loudspeaker management systems
3x DSP408 digital loudspeaker management systems

4x X12CE point source systems
2x X18WE subwoofers

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