February 5, 2017

A snapshot of sound at Lounge Club ETA

Seoul – South Korea

Lounge Club ETA is an eclectic venue inside the facilities of D museum in the Korean capital Seoul, where several white edition Amate Audio systems have been installed.

D museum is Korea’s first photography museum to hold exhibitions that embrace not only photography, but also design and a range of other related disciplines. Its vision is to function as a museum where the everyday becomes art. As such, it strives to create exhibitions that suggest new types of lifestyle, inspiring the general public to enjoy art within everyday life, by casting new light on the artistic value of the objects that surround us.

an evening of art and entertainment, and great sound

Lounge Club ETA allows visitors to the museum’s dynamic exhibitions to enjoy a drink in surroundings that are themselves a statement of style, though not “the everyday”. The minimalist space mixes marble walls, concrete roofs and copper furniture, and a selection of Amate Audio Joker, Key and B series systems, for an evening of art and entertainment, and great sound.

Different system configurations throughout the space include JK46A active column arrays matched with 2000W JK18W2 subwoofers, and KEY12A and B8 point source cabinets for ancillary reinforcement, powered by HD3200 and HD1200 amplifiers and processed with a DSP608 digital loudspeaker management system.

Our thanks to Daelim Musical Instruments, our South Korean distributor, for the information regarding this installation. Learn more about D museum >

Systems employed:


2 JK46A column array


4 KEY12A point source systems


4 JK18W2 subwoofers


8 B8 multipoint speakers


2 HD3200 power amplifiers


1 HD2000 power amplifier


1 DSP608 signal processor