Vilnius – Lithuania

Known as the only urban festival in Lithuania and the Baltic countries, LOFTAS Fest is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, creativity, and good music in a vibrant underground scene.

The “Bacardi” and “Cerveza Sol” scenarios were fitted with Amate Audio solutions from Xcellence series, and the interesting performances of artists who are flourishing on the music scene were presented there. Among them, the popular Lithuanian band “BIX” gave a concert and took the opportunity of the festival to launch their latest album.

At this festival, the perfect symbiosis between music, art, film and design occurs. Attendees were able to enjoy exhibitions of sculpture, painting, and other audio-visual works, and a design objects market from emerging designers (apparel, accessories, decoration, etc.), as well as films and documentaries.
All under a green, sustainable, and socially responsible perspective.

LOFTAS FEST targets the educated audience of all ages who want to hear what is to come: Alternative pop, electro / base, techno, dub step, and bands, both local and international. The festival also organized lectures and debates under the slogan #WHAT’S NEXT IN MUSIC? at which industry members and the general public question the future of music.

This festival is held annually in downtown Vilnius, an ideal place for multimedia activities, audio-visual performances, projections, mapping, etc. If you want to open your eyes, ears, and mind, this festival is a great option.

Thanks to No Noise, our authorized distributor in Lithuania for the info.

Equipment list:
SOL stage
6+6 X210 line array systems
3+3 X215W subwoofers

Techno stage
6+6 X210 line array systems
3+3 X215W subwoofers
6+6 X210 line array systems as DJ monitors