Lilas & Innomine show

Kaunas – Lithuania

More than 8,000 people enjoyed the amazing Lilas & Innomine concert in Zalgris Arena stadium in Kaunas, Lithuania with an impressive Xcellence system, comprising a setup of 18 + 18 Xcellence line array X210, plus 6 + 6 subwoofers hanged X215W.

The largest stadium in the Baltics welcomed the famous hip-hop duo presenting material from their latest album; their third and a major best seller in Lithuania.

The show also included performances by acrobats, gymnasts and dancers, creating a truly memorable audio-visual show.

Thanks to No Noise, our authorized distributor in Lithuania for the info.

Equipment list:
18+18 X210 line array systems
6+6 X215W subwoofers

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