APRIL 10, 2017

Lilas & Innomine Concert

Vilnius – Lithuania

The famous Lithuanian hip-hop group Lilas & Innomine again left their audience ecstatic with a spectacular concert using Xcellence solutions from Amate Audio.

This time the concert took place at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius. 11,000 people shared and enjoyed the group’s most popular songs, in a provocative show that reflected on issues of freedom and right and wrong.

A dazzling stage set was accompanied by impeccable sound thanks to Xcellence series premium line array solutions. For the main PA, 18 linear array systems a side, comprising double 10″ X210, were used. For low frequencies, 6 subwoofers were flown; double 15″ X215W. A delay and reinforcement line deployed eight 8″ X208 line array systems on each side.

DJ SWIX warmed-up the arena before the Lilas & Innomine show, with a showcase set of Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Mashups and House, using JK46A full-range column speaker as DJ monitors.

Once again another show which proves why Lilas & Innomine continue to revolutionize the musical landscape of Lithuanian, and of hip-hop throughout the Baltic countries.

Thanks for the information to No Noise, our authorized dealer in Lithuania.

Systems employed:

44 X210 line array systems

2x 8 X208 line array systems

jk46a-amate-audio-array-perspectiveJK46A column speaker

2x 6 X215 subwoofers