MAY 31, 2017

Liege Café Bar

Nicosia – Cyprus

Liege Café Bar is another example of a simple and effective professional sound design, thanks to several Amate Audio solutions incorporating the new TPD ‘triphonic’ amplifier.

A charming café with a casual style, Liege Café Bar offers an interesting variety of dishes, exclusive wines, surprising cocktails and a wide selection of beers. A place to have fun at any time of the day, whether just grabbing a coffee or partying at night.

The great sound of this cozy space is provided by a passive KEY series sound system, powered and processed by the Amate Audio signature TPD amplifier; a single device combining stereo L / R amplification, a further channel for subwoofers, and dedicated active signal processing for managing the speaker system. Satellite systems, comprise several 8″ KEY8 point source systems, accompanied by the 15″ KEY15W subwoofer.

The TPD ‘triphonic’ amplifier is the evolution of the great ‘all-in-one’ concept featuring latest generation class-D amplifier circuitry, extensive on-board Digital Signal Processing and Switched-Mode Power Supply. Yet with all of its high-end performance specifications, the design remains true to the original TP concept, in terms the sheer simplicity of its installation and operation. Its unique space-saving performance-to-form-factor design, reduced cabling requirement and straightforward control interface, all contribute to its appeal for use in small to medium install applications.

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Joan Amate, comments, “Nothing compares with TPD, as a powerful, space saving, simple to install and operate, integrated solution. One that fully exploits latest generation digital audio technologies.”

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Cyprus A.A. MODEL POWER LTD for the information.

Systems employed:

KEY8 point source systems

 KEY15W subwoofers

tpd-amate-audioTPD  2.1 triphonic amplifier