SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

Le Quai des Allées restaurant

Avignon – France

Undoubtedly the most chic place on the shores of the river Rhone: Le quai des Allées.

Located in the beautiful French province of Avignon, this is a special place to celebrate with a romantic meal or drinks on the terrace taking in the stunning view. This small restaurant is a magnet for foodies and lovers of great tastes and fine cuisine.

Whether enjoying the gastronomic pleasures in the attractive interior of Le quai des Allées or sipping fine wine or classic cocktails on the terrace, even enjoying live music at one Le Quai des Allés’ regular parties, the great sound is always thanks to the B8 multipoint systems plus X15LTE and JK26A points source systems provided by Amate Audio.

With such an elegant mix, we can only say, “Bon Appetit!”.

Systems employed:

B8 multipoint systems

X15LTE point source systems

JK26A point source systems