MAY 12, 2017

Lavash Café

Belgrad – Serbia

Three times a week, live concerts and exotic food are on offer in a premium venue with style and character; add great sound from Amate Audio systems and what more could you ask from Lavash Café?

Located in Belgrade, Lavash Café is inspired by the Greek idea of “Meraki” which means to do something as a labour of love, with pleasure, passion and absolute devotion. This philosophy is applied to both the cuisine and live entertainment that is served up at Lavash Cafe. Its menu aims to restire typical local dishes to the top table, giving a new presentation to traditional flavors. Live music is important at the Lavash Café and Amate Audio systems were chosen for a perfect experience.

The main stage PA, a stereo line array, comprises double 18-inch X208 systems matched with double 18-inch / 3000 W X218W3K subwoofers, both from the Xcellence series. For extended coverage throughout the venue there are more than 20 CS6FR ceiling speakers and the on the outdoor terrace, B6 multipoint systems have been installed. Finally, for power and processing, HD800 amplifiers and a DSP608 speaker management system, complete the installation.

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Serbia ACOUSTIC DESIGN D.O.O for the information.

Systems employed:

X208 line array systems

X218W3K subwoofers

B6 multipoint speaker system

CS6FR ceiling speakers

HD800 amplifiers

DSP206-amate-audio-perspectiveDSP608 signal processor