“La Vie” Color Me Run 2016

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang – Vietnam

Once again the happiest 5k race in Vietnam is run to the accompaniment of audio from Xcellence.

The 2016 edition, with the support of de “La Vie”, is the happiest race in Vietnam, filled with magic and colour, through the Vietnamese cities of Ho Chi Minh (April 16th), Ha Noi (May 28th) and Da Nang (June 25th).

With the theme of “Imagine”, this year’s edition seeks to highlight the important role of imagination in our lives. “Imagine” represents our freedom, and the things that bring colour to our lives.

After the race the fun begins. In the three different cities, incredible stages with Amate Audio Xcellence line array solutions host spectacular performances full of energy and colour by famous artists such as Deorro, Matthew Koma, Tien Tien, F-Band, Vu Cat Tuong and DJ Nimbia among others. An amazing feel-good event; sport, fun and imagination.

Equipment list:
X210 line array systems
X208 line array systems
X21T subwoofers
X215W subwoofers
X218W3K subwoofers
X12CE stage monitors

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