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With a JOKER you assure your best play in every situation!

The JOKER series is the result of the latest technology engineered, improved and completely customized by Amate Audio with over 43 years of experience developing acoustic systems.

With a Amate Audio’s JOKER it is easy to win because it covers the highest demand both in touring and fixed installations.

Its compact design and exclusive characteristics allow setup, cable installation and maintenance easy.
Furthermore, material’s strength and quality finishes make your JOKER a strong partner for your best play.

Design & Engineering

perfect for touring or installations

Joker series compact design and high output make it extremely versatile.

It is perfect forboth rental companies and fixed installations.
Theatres, churches, performing arts centers and other locations will find Joker to be an ideal solution.

high resistant bi-component polyurea coating

All Joker cabinets feature an extremely high resistance Polyurea coating to protect them from scratches, impact and abrasion during use.
Polyurea permanently bonds to wooden surfaces, with a factory-like finish that follows every angle and curve while creating a watertight seal.

No air gaps or drill holes to give water a place to hide.


quality finish and design in every detail

Newly designed ergonomic handles provide comfortable handling and portability.
New proprietary rubber feet are designed to achieve protection through an elegante answer.

In its active version, the blue LED behind the front aluminium plate illuminates while the power is on.

joker & you

Acoustics and digital electronics technological innovations incorporated into the Joker series make possible the extreme capabilities of these loudspeakers.

Just plug and get your best play!

Acoustic Features

compact design with fully customized components

All built in transducers in Joker series have been developed and customized to match the properties of each speaker’s cabinet.
The woofer’s superior low frequency control and mid-bass vocal performance produces powerful sound with unnoticeable distortion.

High frequency drivers are capable of reproducing incredibly crystal clear sound even at high outputs.

asymmetrical dispersion

Thanks to its flexible coverage patterns, the Joker’s asymmetrical horn provides an amazing performance both in the wide, short throw zone (listeners closest to the stage) and narrow, long throw zone (back of the venue).

Just rotate the horn and get an optimum directivity in every application.


optimized steel grid pattern

Along with its optimum perforation coefficient, got through resistance versus performance mathematical calculations, the proprietary round grid pattern is designed to provide both protection to the speakers and acoustically transparent sound.
Heavy-duty 1.5 mm steel grilles protect internal components from the hard road use.

acoustics prediction. better sound installations

Free EASE libraries allows you to visualize the performance of the system prior to installation.

Powerful EASE software calculates 3D coverage maps, speech intelligibility, reverberation times and other acoustical parameters even before the room itself is built.

Electronic Features

high precission digital signal processing

Thanks to 24 bit – 48 kHz 102 dB dynamic range AD/DA converters and a high speed DSP with 48–bit internal architechture, the system can get the most of the transducers.

Precision crossover filters and parametric EQ, together with clip limiters, ensure the best power output at all time.

optimized presets for each sound application

Joker means polyvalent. And for each application you can imagine, you will find a suitable factory preset. Speech, Nearfield and even Pole mount, which will magically align subwoofers and full range systems together.

As easy as selecting the desired preset with your finger.


third generation class d amplification

The unique Class D technology of the Joker amplifiers offers benefits often not found in other digital amplifiers: very low harmonic and intermodulation distortion, high damping factor, high fidelity performance and clear sound.

Scalable solution from starting at 230W.

advanced graphic interface with SensitiveTouch™ technology

Customize your Joker: the graphic LCD and SensitiveTouch™ capacitive sensors at the rearpanel help you configure both audio and user settings.

Decide and configure in seconds if you want the front Led to light up, if you want to use the Ecomode or if the keypad should be locked after inactivity.



amate audio le tremplim destComplex Le Tremplim – France

amate-audio destress fest 2015 destDestress Festival 2015 – Netherlands

amate audio committee Moscow destConference Hall Union State Permanent Committee – Russia

amate audio exchange club destClub Exchange – France

AMATE AUDIO JOHNNY DE SAINT DESTChristian Dessinsa Concert – France

amate audio asamblea Peru destXXIV Ordinary General Assembly of Olacefs – Perú

amate audio pet-training serbia destTrainer Dog & Cat Wellness Event – Serbia

amate audio san roque destExhibition Cabo San Roque – Spain

amate audio empire club destEmpire Club – Kazakhstan

Amate Audio Bar Bastille destBar Bastille – Netherlands

Backstage Club – Sweden

Ten con Ten Restaurant – Madrid

Moscow College of Urban Planning and Entrepreneurship – Russia

master-audio-flove-hotel-dest Love F Hotel by Fashion TV – Indonesia

61st Macau Grand Prix – China

La Santa Restaurant – Barcelona

Conference Hall of a Rosatom – Rusia

Febo Boulevard – Netherlands

Briliantin Disco Bar – Bulgary

Pelli Pilli Karaoke Club – Kazakhstan

amate audio empire club destEmpire Club – Kazakhstan

l Hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs – Russia

Bar Dancing Peddles – Netherlands

Made in Mykonos @ Nozomi Beach Club – Cyprus

Playmen @ Beach Club – Cyprus

Unique Vibes @ Nozoi Becah Club – Cyprus

Marina BBface & The Beatroots @ Master Audio – Spain

master-audio-golden-tuplip-det Golden Tulip Galaxy Hotel – Indonesia

Fang Hua Lounge Bar – China

Hyper Club Disco Bar – China

Fetes Tarascon – France

Heineken Music Hall - Amate Audio - destHeineken Music Hall – Netherlands

The Luna Park Awakes – Cyprus

Destress Festival 2014 – Netherlands

Concert Foundation Keep Female – Netherlands

Metz @ BeachClub Royal – Netherlands

Marina & The Beatroots @ Master Audio – Spain

Coverfestivalen Nässjö – Sweden

Cultural Departament of Foshan – China