Introducing JK318A

True three-way active system!

May 31, 2013 – BARCELONA —

We are proud to introduce JK318A. A single-box approach to full-frequency sound, offering the ultimate in size/performance ratio from a compact and lightweight (59kg) system.

Within a 1240 x 534 x 524 mm footprint, the cabinet packs an 18-inch neodymium woofer with four-inch voice coil for solid, convincing low-end, a 12-inch neodymium woofer with three-inch voice coil for powerful, unfaltering mids and a 1.75-inch PETP diaphragm neodymium driver for crystal clear high frequencies, making it a true three–way loudspeaker that faithfully reproduces the full acoustic spectrum from 35 Hz to 19 kHz, with a continuous output level of up to 132 dB at one-metre.

As the only “all-in-one” loudspeaker on the market that concentrates this level of power and audio quality inside such modest dimensions, the JK318A far exceeds the standard requirements of a modern small-format PA, allowing the user to cover around 90 per cent of live sound applications without the need for additional system components. Practical, simplistic in use and resilient, the cabinet delivers an enormous 3,000 Watts (2,400 W low plus 600 W mid/high) of completely self-powered gain, after an absolute minimum of setup time. Users simply “plug & play” and enjoy a sound that is hard to find in such a straightforward and compact system.


An all-in-one system that reproduce the entire acoustic spectrum from a single cabinet.

-3000 Watts! Huge levels of gain, completely self-powered

Tap into a massive 2400+600 W of continuous output power with the absolute minimum of setup time.
Just plug, play and enjoy a sound like never before from such a straightforward system.

-Why you will love it…

The JK318A is unique! It is the only system on
the market that concentrates this level of power and superior sound quality into a such a compact format.

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