Ice Arena Serpukhov

Serpukhov – Russia

Ice Arena Serpukhov is an indoor ice rink, which is part of an entertainment complex located in Serpukhov – Rusia.

Ice Arena has modern facilities ideal for hosting sports and cultural events. Its ice rink is 60×30 m and its stands can seat up to 450 people. The pavilion is equipped with all the amenities to make the most of an ice experience and of course with a very good sound coverage thanks to Amate Audio multipoint systems from B series.

Besides serving as a local hockey team venue, Ice Arena has a rental service for anyone who wants to enjoy and learn ice skating, ice hockey, night skiing…

At the pavilion shows, children’s activities, contests and other activities are also held.

Thanks to our official distributor in Russia DIAMOND OOO for the information.

Equipment list:
40x B8 multipoint speaker systems
5x HD1200 power amplifiers

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