Hue Festival 2014

Hue – Vietnam

The Grand Opening Ceremony of Hue Festival 2014 took place on a splendid, specially designed stage in Ngo Mon Square – Hue.

The ceremony and a secondary stage were sonorized mainly with systems from Xcellence series.

The program presented a harmonious synthesis of traditional Vietnam values and contemporary arts from many regions, thus reflecting the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Vietnam and its relationship with other nations from five different continents. 67 arts troupes from 38 countries and territories joined at Vietnamese artists at the event.

The Grand Opening Ceremony finished with a stunning firework spectacle directed by famous pyrotechnic artist Pierre Alain Hubert.

Equipment list:
Main Stage
8+8 X210 line array systems
4+4 X218W subwoofers
6+6 MD15ND point source systems
2+2 MD215 subwoofers
1+1 P318A three-way systems

Alternative Stage
8+8 X210 line array systems
2+2 X218W subwoofers

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