HET VERMAAK Coffee & Bar

Raamsdonk – Netherlands

In Het Vermaak coffee & bar everyone is welcome. It is located in the small and friendly village of Raamsdonk in Netherlands.

With its complete renovation in 2010, the place offers new spaces: cafe and terrace that allow all kinds of events like weddings, parties, presentations, meetings…

Thanks to our official distributor RSL Group for the info (only in dutch).
Equipment list:
6x LN10 Point Source
1x LN15 Point Source
1x DL-1002 Amplifier
1x DL802 Amplifier

Main room
8x LN12 Point Source
2x LN18BR Subwoofers
1x HD3200 Amplifier
2x DL-1202 Amplifiers
1x DSP306USB Signal processor

master-audio-vermaak-8 master-audio-vermaak-3 master-audio-vermaak-5 master-audio-vermaak-6
master-audio-vermaak-4 master-audio-vermaak-2 master-audio-vermaak-1 master-audio-vermaak-7