Gubkinskaya Art’s School

Gubkinski – Russia

The School of Arts in Gubkinski, Russia, is an ambitious educational project focused on teaching dance and music, situated in an interesting and modern architecture complex.

Perfect sound quality was required, as music is one of the most important disciplines taught at the center. This was achieved thanks to a wide range of Amate Audio systems.

The complex has different venues in order to help and improve the artistic education. At the main building there is a reading room, a cinema and an auditorium for over 220 people equipped with Xcellence and Joker solutions.

On one side of the complex there is a sports hall and gym, which is equipped with Xcellence line array systems. Whereas on the other part, there is a pool, sonorized with multipoint public address solutions from the B series and HD amplifiers. Smaller classrooms and venues for learning different artistic disciplines are equipped with Joker solutions.

Thanks to our authorized distributor in Russia DIAMOND OOO for the information.

Equipment list:
4+4 X210 line array systems
4x X215W subwoofers
2x JK12MA stage monitors
5x JK26A point source systems
4x JK12A point source systems

40x B8 multipoint speaker systems
4x HD1200 amplifiers

2+2 X210 line array systems
1+1 X218W3K subwoofers
3x JK12MA stage monitors

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