Gin Karaoke

Karaganda – Kazakhstan

This luxurious and modern Gin karaoke has a spectacular main room and several lounges fully equipped for special groups. Its music catalogue has over 45,000 songs for all tastes.

There is also a vocal school with the best teachers for anyone who wants to learn and improve their singing.

Gin also has areas for video-game lovers with the last generation of gaming consoles and the best selection of titles. Definitely Gin Karaoke is a special place to have fun with friends and stay all night long.

Thanks to THE FIFTH ELEMENT LLP, our exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan for the info.
Equipment list:
Main Hall
6x LN10 Point Source Systems
2x LN18BR Subwoofers
2x SM2000 Power Amplifiers
1x DSP306 Digital Signal Processor

Vip rooms
B8 Multipoint speaker systems
LN10 Point Source Systems

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