Flash Club

Bansko – Bulgaria

Brilliant! There is no better way to describe the amazing Flash Club in Bansko, Bulgaria.

The club is a bold and elegant space where black surfaces shine with sparkling accessories, giving the place its own distinctive glistening character. Spectacular lighting, music, live performances, drinks and a great atmosphere, makes for a shining gem in the centre of Bulgaria.

Such a special place can only have the best sound systems. An Amate AudioXcellence series installation comprises 4 X14T coaxial active cabinets and 4 X21D subwoofers. Several Joker systems provide additional point source reinforcement and signal processing is provided by a DSP608 digital loudspeaker management system.

The result is perfect sound coverage that extends throughout the entire space, whether you spend all night dancing or take drinks at the dazzling circular bar in the centre of the room.

The interior architecture, designed for Studio Mode, was awarded with an Architizer prize in the bars and nightclubs category.

Equipment list:
4 X14T point source systems
4 X21D subwoofers
1 DSP608 processor
4 JK10 point source systems

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