NOVEMBER 26, 2016


Once again users, customers and friends feel and hear the experience Amate Audio

Earlier this year Amate Audio introduced a new event, Experience. A close quarters, hands-on, “open-day” product demonstration session, Experience is held specially for users, customers, distributors, resellers and educators; those who know Amate Audio and those who want to get know Amate Audio.

Experience Vol 1 was held outdoors in March, in glorious sunshine at Torre del Conill, deep in the Catalan countryside a few kilometers from our HQ. Experience Vol 2 was hosted this month in the very different surroundings of the famous and much loved Number One club in Terrassa, a stone’s-throw from our HQ. Recently revamped and reopened, the club features an all Amate Audio sound installation, including the new Xcellence X12CLA constant curvature array – as featured in our September newsletter.

Throughout the day, Sales Manager Jordi Amate and Product Application Engineers Paco Rodríguez and Daniel Bartolomé conducted the “open-day”, for some 50 attendees, with a range of Xcellence and Joker series systems that included the latest X12CLA constant curvature array, and JK26A + and JK15NA point source systems. The extensive space of the club allowing demonstrations at high volume, to fully appreciate the exceptional performance of these systems in a large indoor environment. In an additional surprise, some listening sessions were accompanied by a special laser show developed by Atenlaser.

Attendees were able to hear the revolutionary 14″ X14T coaxial speaker, which can be used in stage monitor configuration or, as in this case, as PA over an 18-inch X18T direct radiation subwoofer. The Xcellence flagship X210 line array was shown in two configurations; as a two cabinet stack, over a 3000W X218W3K subwoofer (part of the club’s permanent installation), and also as a two cabinet stack over two powerful 21-inch X21T subwoofers. Star performer of the day was the new and versatile X12CLA constant curvature array, that allows both cluster and array configurations. A customized black and white array configuration is permanently installed as the venue’s primary PA.

Additionally it was possible to listen to the different self-powered Joker systems, in PA configurations with matched subwoofers: JK26A + with JK12WA, JK12A with JK15WA, JK15NA with JK18WA2, custom JK10A, JK46A array column, and the powerful 3000W JK318A 3-way full-range system.

We would like to thank all attendees for their interest in this special day. Look out for an announcement of Experience Vol 3.

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