The eccentric mechanical sound collages from Cabo San Roque are exposed at the Arts Santa Mònica Creativity Center in Barcelona.

During March and part of April some JK15A point source systems from Joker series were used as sound reinforcement at the exhibition “The Pataphysical Cobla 2015 – 2001” from the musicians, performers and artists from Cabo San Roque.

But what is or what exactly Cabo San Roque does? As Arts Santa Mònica explains “Some people think CaboSanRoque is a long-standing musical band, others believe they are performers who, armed with different artefacts, set up a variety of spectacles. Finally, for those who contemplate the machines they make without looking too much at their music, they could be considered works of art.”

They also add “Cabo San Roque are (paraphysical) collectors of sounds. Their machines and shows produce new sounds which, like in the collections of centuries past, move between what is strange and beautiful, between wisdom and curiosity, all condensed in space and time in their particular collector’s cabinets. A collection of sounds means understanding the multiplicity of the sound world, finding a hidden meaning and, on the personal plane, apprehending the magnitude of what is marvellous in the discovery of each new sound. And we marvel at the sounds they manage to get out of their old scrap.”

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