MAY 22, 2017


Amate Audio Experience in Euskadi. A showcase to discover and listen Amate Audio solutions.

On May 10th, Amate Audio hosted the latest in its series of Experience showcase events, this time in the well-know Sala Santana 27 nightclub in Bilbao, Euskadi. An open-day demo for users, customers, distributors, installers and educators, to listen, evaluate and discover the full potential of Amate Audio solutions.

The size of the venue facilitated the rigging of a full range of Amate Audio’s leading touring sound and AV installation systems. These included flown line arrays and the latest X12CLA curvature array, advanced engineered ‘smart’ sound reinforcement systems from the Xcellence series of premium point-source, compact line array  and subwoofer systems – offering uncompromising performance and design optimization. The Experience was conducted by Paco Rodríguez, product application engineer and Jordi Amate, sales area manager.

Feedback is the most important aspect of these events and one we truly appreciate. At the same time, the accolades and compliments we are receiving for the Xcellence series illustrate the degree to which much customers are aware of the advances Amate Audio has made in the last decade.

Jordi Amate, sales area manager

Throughout the day attendees were able to listen to systems in several setups and configurations. The main setup included the brand flagship Xcellence series X210 line array, matched with the advanced, powerful and manoeuvrable 3000W X218W3K sub, as well as our latest X12CLA ultra-compact, portable constant curvature array, offering exceptional signal quality, constant vertical directivity and very high SPLs, in an exceptionally small form-factor, and deployable in both array or horizontal point-source cluster configurations. .There was also the opportunity to check the possibilities and differences between the double 8″ X208 and double 10″ X210 line array systems; both in an eight cabinet configuration. These modular array systems offer precise performance and exceptional fidelity, along with cutting-edge DSP control and amplification, and protection circuitry; a key feature of the entire Xcellence series, and one that includes Amate Audio’s unique, innovative over-voltage protection circuit, which continuously monitors line voltage and instantly disconnects Xcellence series systems when it exceeds the maximum permissible level.

Showcased point source systems included the remarkable dual function X14T coaxial active speaker system, which can be deployed both as an outstanding stage monitor, or high-performance front-of-house (FOH) reinforcement element. A remarkable new 14” mid driver,combines the LF performance of a conventional 15” driver with the vocal clarity and mid range response of a 12” driver. Also auditioned, the high-end two-way X15T system, featuring a 15″ loudspeaker coupled with a 60º x 50º dispersion horn, making it ideal for long throw coverage and clustering.

Systems for high and mid frequency coverage where matched with several Xcellence series subwoofers: the 18″ direct radiation X18T sub, the previously mentioned double 18″, 3000W X218W3K sub and the powerful 21″ X21T sub.

Furthermore, the Experience allowed attendees to evaluate for themselves Xcellence series feature highlights, including remote control with the DSP Studio® software, which utilises a bespoke control over IP protocol that supports Wi-Fi connectivity. DSP Studio® allows finest adjustment of performance  parameters, including gain (per way), limiter, polarity, delay and five custom parametric EQs, all of which can be managed via the software. Several elements may be controlled at the same time, using grouping functions. The software also gives comprehensive information about the amplifier status: input and output levels, heat-sink temperature, clip and protection indications. DSP Studio® is available for PC and iPad.

We would like to thank all attendees for their interest in this special day. Looking forward for the next Experience. Stay tuned!


X12CLA - iPad DSPStudio software amate audio DSP Studio® control software

X14T-amate-audio-versatile X14T point source systems / stage monitor

X15T-amate-audio-perspective X15T point source systems

X18T-amate-audio-perspective-1 X18T subwoofer

x218w3k-amate-audio-subwoofer-perspective X218W3K subwoofer

X21T perspective X21T subwoofer

amate-audio-line-array-x208-7 X208 line array systems

x210-amate-audio-line-array-perspective X210 line array systems

X12CLA-array-amate-audio X12CLA array systems