DSP Studio iPad App update

Master Audio remote control application for Xcellence Series updated to version 1.3

May 20, 2014 – BARCELONA —

The new DSP Studio app version for iPad is NOW available.
Thanks to the feedback of our customers and users the new version 1.3 has some new interesting and useful features:

New layout behaviour: better performance when relocating elements on the desktop.

New Presets control: a new pop-up window allows to quickly change the preset and the mute/standby status.

New circular Equalizer control: better accuracy for setting the center frequency, gain and Q.

Better connectivity control: the status of the connection is refreshed continuously to keep a real time track of available elements.

The App requires iOS 7 (Apple does not allow releasing new upgrades for older OS).

More info about the app
Download the app
More about the Xcellence Series

DSP-Studio-app–v1.3-3 DSP-Studio-app–v1.3-1
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