5, March 2020


Juárez plays Amate Audio HQ all-day audition session

Amate Audio’s demo room was an irregular venue for an extended session from Juárez, as the celebrated Barcelona DJ auditioned a line up of NÍTID and Xcellence series loudspeaker systems. A headlining attraction at techno / house events and clubs in Ibiza and across Europe – as well as in his home city and throughout Spain – Juárez regularly plays out with Nítid systems, both out front and in the booth.

We brought him to our Terrassa HQ to let him demo some of our systems he might not not have had an opportunity to hear; from some deceptively compact models to others at the opposite end of scale.  

He certainly did not expect to hear the kind of frequency response and LF power produced by the NÍTID N10, describing it as having an output like a 15 inch speaker. 

“I had a great feeling of how powerful the low frequencies are. It is immediately obvious they are really well reinforced. In a beach party, as booth monitors they could work very well. Or in some event with three or four hundred people, they could perform well.

“I have to highlight the fact that what all of these boxes clearly have is power.”

And power aplenty was on hand with the combination of X12CLA compact cluster array and X218WF dual 18 inch sub. “With Nítid I am very happy. It felt like I was in a club with the great bass response, and high fidelity in the mid and high frequencies. My experience with Nítid has been awesome but Xcellence exceeded all my expectations. Especially the issue of working the frequencies, and to see how the equipment reacted when you touch equalization, the filters, or the effects.

“For anyone who likes to play with sound and is an audio fan, I would recommend living a day like the one I lived today.”


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