“Daejon Dae Heung” Baptist Church

Seoul – South Korea

DAELIM, our distributor in Korea, has made an installation for “Daejon Dae Heung” Baptist Church with a setup of 8+8 MA210D7 line array system with 2+2 MAW215D2K Subwoofers. For sound reinforcement LN series have been used.

Equipment list:
8+8 MA210D7 Line Array Systems
2+2 MAW215D2K Subwoofers
2x LN12 with DL1802 Systems
2x LN10 with DL1202 Systems
2x LN26 with DL1202 Systems
6x LN26 with 3x DL1202
4x NT12P with 2x DL1202
4x B8 with 2x DL1202

Daejon-Dae-Heung-Baptist_4 Daejon-Dae-Heung-Baptist_2 Daejon-Dae-Heung-Baptist_6
Daejon-Dae-Heung-Baptist_1 Daejon-Dae-Heung-Baptist_3 Daejon-Dae-Heung-Baptist_5