Concert Kim Yong-Im

Geoje – South Korea

At a place as special as the Cultural Arts & Theatre Centre of Geoje, in South Korea, more than a thousand fans gathered to assist to the delightful concert of Korean artist Kim Yong Im.

The concert was a success, a perfect combination of light and live music, with Amate Audio solutions from the Joker and Xcellence Series.

As PA, X210 line array systems with X215W subwoofers were used. For the stage, X15CE, X12CE, JK12MA monitors, JK26A point source systems, and the well-known 3-way P318A system -the evolution of which is the current JK318A– were used.

The Cultural Arts & Theatre Centre of Geoje is a very versatile scenario, upon which all forms of theatre and music are presented, from hard metal rock to children’s opera.

Equipment list:
Main PA
6+6 X210 line array systems
3+3 X215W subwoofers
2 X210 line array systems

4 X15CE stage monitors
2 P318A three-way system (JK318A evolution)
3 JK12MA stage monitors
2 JK26A point source systems