Complexe Le Tremplin 35

Montauban de Bretagne – France

Complexe Le Tremplin 35 is the trendiest nightclub in the region. It is located in Montauban de Bretagne on the north west of France.

Founded in 1980 and expanded in 1998 with more than 3000 m2, its programme is extremely varied and especially famous fort its DJ sessions with renowned artists, live performances and light shows.

Thanks to Amate Audio France, our exclusive distributor in France for the information.

Equipment list:
4+4 X208 line array systems
4x X218W3K subwoofers
2+2 JK218W4 subwoofers
2x X15LTE point source systems
2x JK15A point source systems
2x P318A three-way systems

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