CANINO & FELINO – pet shop

Valencia – Spain

CANINO & FELINO is a store specializing in canine and feline psychology.

At the different spaces of the shop were installed systems from B series and CS series, with the amplification of SD series.

The store offers a variety of services: ethology, hairdresser, pet accessories, food, specialized bookstore…
Furthermore, CANINO & FELINO offers courses, individual ethological sessions, sale of specialized products, delivery service, aesthetics, talks and workshops for all types of pets and owners.

Thanks to our friends Doppler so i llums for the info and the application photos.
Equipment list:
Hairdressing salon
2 pairs of B5A multipurpose stereo active systems

7x B6 multipoint speaker systems
1x CS6FR ceiling speaker
1x SD1000 amplifier

Training classroom
4x B6 multipoint speaker systems
1x SD1000 amplifier

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