CADE Seminar

Ica – Peru

Several Joker and Xcellence solutions were used during the CADE seminar (Annual Entrepreneurs Conference), held in the Peruvian city of Ica. A large gathering of public sector representatives and business organizations met for three days to discuss market conditions and Peru’s business future.

Peruvian president Ollanta Humala participated in several debates, along with presidential candidates and personalities from the Peruvian business community, including César Acaña, Keiko Fujimori, Alan García, Pedro Pablo Kuckzynski and Alejandro Toledo.

For the 50×24 m hall where debates were held, 4+4 X210 line array solutions and 2 X218W3K subwoofers were deployed, and a delay line 24 m from the stage comprised a 4+4 X210 line array. These were complemented by 1+1 JK10A point source systems. For stage front-fill 4 JK26A were used along with 2 X15LT point source systems and 2 JK12MA stage monitors.

Equipment list:
8+8 X210 line array systems
2 X218W3K subwoofers
1+1 JK10A point source systems
2 JK12MA stage monitors
Front fill
4 JK26A point source systems
2 X15LT point source systems