FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Budapest Band Concert

Lima – Peru

Budapest Band, the famous Lima based Indie Folk / Electronics / Choral Singing ensemble, had the opportunity of staging the first performance of their new album in the natural and nocturnal setting of Reducto Park in Miraflores, Peru. The unusual “venue” was chosen for a magical evening of seductive melodies and acclaimed audio performance, with “natural” sound reproduction courtesy of Xcellence and Joker solutions.

a magical evening of seductive melodies and acclaimed audio performance

An enchanting natural stage

The band’s musical fusion of indie folk, electronics and choral singing was played out against a backdrop of stunning projections. Impeccable sound coverage for the outdoor performance was provided with top of the range Xcellence X210 compact line array systems stacked with the X218W3K subwoofer. Stage monitoring was provided with Joker JK12MA systems and Xcellence X15CE systems.

Our thanks to our distributor in Peru and event sponsor, Multivisión S.A. for information and support.

Systems employed:

x210-amate-audio-line-array-perspective4 X210 line array systems

x218w3k-amate-audio-subwoofer-perspective2 X218W3K subwoofers

X14T Perspective2 X14T point source systems / stage monitors


2 JK12MA stage monitors