BlendFest 2016

Hoek van Holland – Netherlands

The amazing BlendFest took over the Beachclub Royal once again this year. A select fusion of artists and Amate Audio solutions, meant attendees couldn’t stop dancing and having fun during for the entire 12 hours event.

This year’s edition doubled the number of attendees, consolidating its reputation as an unmissable beach event in The Netherlands. The event featured artists performing on two stages; the Blend Stage highlighted by an eclectic selection of artists showcasing a mix of urban r&b and house, while the Fest Stage offered a musical selection of techno.

The Blend Stage featured and enlarged sound system than in previous years. More power and richness at low frequencies was required, and this was met with 4+4 X218W3K subwoofers, plus 1+1 X215W subwoofers. For high and mid frequencies 6+6 X210A line array systems and 1+1 SM12 stage monitors were used. For DJ monitoring 2x JK15 point source systems were used.

For the FEST Stage 1+1 LN215, plus 2+2 JK218W2 subwoofers were deployed as main system. For delay 2x JK12A point source systems + 4x JK18W subwoofers on HD3200 amplifiers and DSP206. For DJ monitoring, 2x JK12MA stage monitors, plus 2 JK18WA2 subwoofers were used.

The 2016 line-up featured plenty of great performances and showcases:


Feest DJ Ruud, Benny Rodrigues , Mental Theo, Stefan Vilijn, Johnny500, D-Rashid, Sam Blans, Outsiders vs Matsoe Matsoe, Diaz & Bruno, Anthony King, Romano Valenti, Danny Mendez, B-on Drums, MC Choral, MC Patrick Brown.


Bart Skils, Mike Scolari, Michel de Hey, Don Ruijgrok, REJ, Jesse Level, Dominique Base, Aphex Deep, Nixon.

Thanks to Imagination AV and Timeless Events for information and event coverage.

Equipment list:
BLEND stage
6+6 X210 line array systems
4+4 X218W3K subwoofers
1+1 X215W subwoofers
2x JK15 point source systems
2x SM12 stage monitors

FEST stage
1+1 LN215 point source systems
2+2 JK218W2 subwoofers
4x JK18W2 subwoofers
2x JK12MA stage monitors
1 HD3200 amplifier
1 DSP206 signal processor

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