Blend Fest 2015

Hoek van Holland – Netherlands

After the successful first edition, several Amate Audio solutions accompanied the 12 hours non-stop Blend Fest where the big sound of Xcellence Series filled up the beach.

Organized by Imagination AV and Timeless Events, this beach festival was held at the grounds of Royal Beach Club in Hoek van Holland. The event had two areas: one of them called the BLEND performed the best Urban & Eclectic tunes. The FEST area, performed musical genres such as house, deep house, tech house and a dash of hip-hop and R&B.

The setup in the BLEND area demanded power and richness at low frequencies. This requirement was met thanks to 3+3 X218W3K subwoofers plus 1+1 X215W subwoofers. For high and mid frequencies 4+4 X210A line array systems plus 1+1 JK12A point source systems were used. For DJ monitoring 2x X15CE stage monitors were used.

In the FEST area 1+1 X218W3K subwoofers plus 1+1 X215W subwoofers and 2+2 X210 line array systems were used. For DJ monitoring 2x JK12MA stage monitors were used. No doubt, amazing coverage and power for an extraordinary party!

This 2015 edition had great performances of several artists like: Benny Rodrigues, Secret Cinema, Egbert Live, Stefan Vilijn, Dyna, Miss Sugaware, Jason Robertino, Sam Blans, Jasper Clash, Angill, Anthony King.

Thanks to Imagination AV and Timeless events for the information and the event’s coverage.

Equipment list:
BLEND area
4+4 X210 line array systems
3+3 X218W3K subwoofers
1+1 X215W subwoofers
2x JK12A point source systems
2x X15CE stage monitors

FEST area
2+2 X210 line array systems
1+1 X218W3K subwoofers
1+1 X215W subwoofers
2x JK12MA stage monitors

Have a look at the full gallery:
BLEND stage
FEST stage

Photo credits:
Henk van der Giesen
Jason Robertino

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