Backstage Club

Göteborg – Sweden

Backstage Club is one of the most popular clubs at the main boulevard Avenyn in Göteborg. This club is part of Push nightclub chain by Stureplansgruppen and opened only for summer.

Backstage Club is the place if you are looking for the latest dance music.

Backstage in collaboration with Red Bull, presented last August 23th their closing season party at the Stora Teatern before returning to the usual Push. It was a special night with Dj Dirty South, a renowned artist and producer nominated for Grammy awards.

Amate Audio Systems were installed thanks to Ljudteknikerna AB who supplied to the club a complete X208 Line Array Systems to meet the high demands of perfect dispersion and even sound pressure levels in the venue. With Amate Audio X208 Line Array they got a perfect sound quality as well as even sound pressure level.

Stora Teatern also has an fixed permit installation of 6 JK26A in an other room called Kristallfoajen installed by Ljudteknikerna.

Thanks to Supersonic Svenska, our exclusive distributor in Sweden, and Ljudteknikerna AB for the info.
Equipment list:
6+6 X208 Line Arrays Systems
6 JK26A Point Source Systems

Know more about Backstage Club in its Facebook page here >

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