Two-day showcase and Dagvlinder Festival event totally powered by Amate Audio

Thursday 10 and Saturday October 12, 2019

Amate Audio Benelux / Imagination AV is promoting the forthcoming Amate Audio Xperience showcase in Rotterdam. The massive Onderzeebootloods 4,400 square meter former RDM Submarine Wharf, now 5,000 capacity event venue, is the spectacular site for a two-day event featuring an exclusive showcase of the new X212AF line array on the 10thand the totally Amate Audio powered Dagvlinder Festivalon the 12thof October.

Amate Audio Xperience will comprehensively demonstrate the new X212AF line array and X218WF sub systems, with an overwhelming show of power and precision from a nine-a-side line array and 12x sub FOH configuration in the main hall. Vice President and Chief Technical OfficerJoan Amate will give an overview presentation of the systems.

An advanced V-shape geometry, totally phase linear line array, with a 2x 12”, 4x 6” MF and dual 3” HF transducer configuration and proprietary acoustic design features – including the ABS mid-phase plugs, all-new HF waveguide and sonically transparent 1.5mm speaker grille– the X212AF incorporates discrete 3-way power channels with independentlimiters (with differing time constants), and multi-channel DSP system management via Amate Audio’s Active+ integrated power and control platform.

With unique touchscreen GUI operation and monitoring, Active+ delivers a 4000 W total RMS power rating and includes a series of powerful System Presets for near instantaneous set-up of the most common cabinet configurations in the most regularly encountered application environments. Enhanced control parameters include advanced FIR/IIR filtering, 100 meter delay, extensive parametric EQ options and cabinet tilt calibration indication. There is alsooptional Dante®AoIP networking.

The X218WF is a matched 5000 W X218WF sub system, loaded with 2 x 18” LF neodymium drivers with 4” double-layer voice coils in a compact bass reflex design. It shares with the X212AF the advanced approach to cabinet design and powerful ACTIVE+™integrated power and control platform with touchscreen GUI.

On the second day the same system provides the Mainstage sound for the Dagvlinder Festival, with a second system of eight-a-side NÍTID N208 line array elements and 12x N18W subs on the second Jack’s House stage.

The house / techno festival features top Dutch and international DJ talent with a lineup that includes Amine Edge & Dance, Benny Rodrigues, Chelina Manuhutu, Erik E., Joey Daniel & Luuk van Dijk, Josh Butler and Karim Soliman.