March 21, 2016

Amate Audio Experience

Attendees enjoyed a unique day to feel and hear Joker and Xcellence solutions side by side with Amate Audio’s R&D & applications engineers

There are few times when all Amate Audio solutions are available at the same place, add more: the possibility to talk directly to engineers and product developers. Last March 16th, a group of professionals had this opportunity at Amate Audio Experience day, held at the Masia restaurant La Torre del Conill in Castellbisbal, Barcelona

Audio solutions for all tastes and needs; either Joker or Xcellence series. From small and compact double 6″ point source systems like JK26A+ to full-range 3-way systems like the JK318A. From compact and versatile 10″, 12″ & 14″ stage monitors to powerful subwoofers like the massive 21″ X21T, or the double 18″, X218W3K. Amate Audio flagship product, the X210 line array, couldn’t miss the date too.

Solutions designed and developed for all kinds of applications that either allow a small show or installation, as well as large events, concerts or touring for more than 50,000 attendees.


Our national product applications engineer, Paco Rodríguez, started the experience with a brief company introduction to later on introducing Joker solutions, all of them amplified. The attendees could hear several PA solutions: JK26A+, JK10A, JK12A, JK15A with subs: JK12WA, JK15WA, JK18WA2, besides being able to listen custom configurations. They also had the opportunity to compare stage monitor solutions: JK10MA and JK12MA; discover JK46A full-range column array and the powerful 3-way system and 3000W power, JK318A.

Solutions designed and developed for all kinds of applications

Joan Amate, Vice President & Technical Director, emphasise the importance of controlling the whole process of manufacturing acoustic solutions: “One of our strengths is the ability to match perfectly state-of-the-art transducers with optimized high-end electronics; the blend is outstanding”

Xcellence: a benchmark

The Experience was a great opportunity to feature Xcellence latest product releases: the new Xcellence Touring solutions.

Attendees could hear the revolutionary coaxial 14″ loudspeaker X14T, which is an outstanding stage monitor, and still a great deal as main PA. The renewed X15T, with a 60ºx50º constant directivity horn in a more compact design, more powerful and lighter. The renewed direct radiation 18″ subwoofer X18T and the awesome 21″ subwoofer, the X21T.

Later on, participants could hear X208 line array consistency at great distance in a 4+4 cabinet setup with X218W3K, 2 double 18″ subwoofers with 3000W amplification.

The total power for this setup was 30000W, 15000 for high and mid frequencies and another 15000 for low frequencies.

Finally, it was time to hear Amate Audio and Xcellence flagship product: X210 line array, in a 10 cabinet setup which stand out for its breakthrough technologies, cutting-edge acoustic design, the highest quality, precision-engineered, customized components and resistant and durable materials. For low frequencies there were used 5 X218W3K subwoofers. The total power for this setup was 30000W, 15000 for high and mid frequencies and another 15000 for low frequencies.

We thank everyone for the interest in this such a special event which we hope to repeat soon.

Stay tuned for news and events of the brand around the world.
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