61st Macau Grand Prix

Macau – China

March 13, 2015

The 61st Macau Grand Prix was held on November 13th to 16th. The successful event reached over 80,000 spectators during its 4 days.

JK26 speaker systems and HD power amplifiers were installed permanently in the Prix Press Room while some JK10 and HD2000 amplifier were installed temporarily at the podium and outdoor area.

In this year’s Grand Prix, 121 teams (including 213 drivers and riders from 24 countries) were registered.
The media coverage counted with 1,077 journalists from 27 countries, and 259 media channels including 44 TV stations which broadcast the event.

Thanks to our distributor in China MAJESTIC TRADING COMPANY for the info.

Equipo utilizado:
Press Room
8x JK26 point source systems
2x HD1200 power amplifiers

Podium and outdoor area
4x JK10 point source systems
1x HD2000 power amplifier

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