Terrassa – Spain

During March, Terrassa hosted the 31st Terrassa Jazz Festival.
Master Audio collaborated with a local company Doppler, so i llums bringing the sound for the Picnic Jazz held throughout the day. The anual event was open doors and had more than 30,000 attendees.

16x X210 Xcellence line array systems for FOH, plus 8x X208 Xcellence line array systems to cover the whole stage, access area and restoration
The Terrassa Jazz Club www.jazzterrassa.org is responsible for the organization.

Equipment list:
16x X210 Line array systems
8x X208 Line array systems

jazz-terrassa-10 jazz-terrassa-9 jazz-terrassa-8 jazz-terrassa-3 jazz-terrassa-5
jazz-terrassa-6 jazz-terrassa-4 jazz-terrassa-2 jazz-terrassa-1 jazz-terrassa-7