JUNE 15, 2017

21st Hadong Century Wild Tea Culture Festival

Hadong – South Korea

Several Amate Audio solutions were part of the 21st Hadong Century Wild Tea Culture Festival.

Hadong is famous for being the first tea plantation site in Korea. Unlike other tea production sites, which typically use machines for processing, Hadong maintains time-honored traditional methods of cultivation and production. As a result, it produces especially high-grade teas, much revered and sold at premium prices.

The festival offers visitors a unique and entertaining combination of events and hands-on experiences, drawing a large number of visitors every year. Attractions include tours through the fields and tea market, and mainstage entertainment, including performances of traditional music and dance. The main FOH PA comprised a setup of double 10” X210 line array systems, matched with 15” X215W band-pass design subwoofers. For monitoring, the remarkable dual-function X14T active coaxial loudspeaker system – configurable either as an outstanding stage monitor or a high- performance reinforcement element – and the superbly musical and intelligible 12” JK12MA stage monitor were chosen.

For ancillary reinforcement at specific spots and sidefills: JK26A 2x 6”ultra-compact, high performance, high fidelity point source systems; the 15” X15CE, (now evolved to the even more powerful and lighter X14T) with a 60ºx50º constant directivity horn – ideal for long throw coverage and clustering; and the P318 – now evolved to the 3000 W three–way JK318A system, deploying a 18” for a serious LF extension, 12” for superb mid–range and 1” for crystal clear HF.

Tea ceremony is a very special ritual, it’s calm, it’s talk, it’s peace, it’s relaxation… We are glad to have been part of this kind of event which reminds us our connection with nature.

Systems employed:

 X210 line array system

X215W subwoofer

 X14T point source systems

 X15T point source systems

jk318a-amate-audio-perspective JK318A three-way active speaker systems

 JK26A point source systems

jk12ma-amate-audio-monitor-perspective-w JK12MA stage monitors