June  23, 2017

2017 PREMI CAMBRA innovation award

Amate Audio receives the PREMI CAMBRA 2017 for Impulse to Innovation, Research and Development for its work in immersive sound

On June 15th, the annual award ceremony “PREMI CAMBRA 2017, Interconnecta’t”, organized by the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, was held in Matadepera, Barcelona, where Amate Audio CEO, Juan Amate, received the Impulse to Innovation, Research and Development award for the company’s work in the development of fully integrated, immersive 3D sound production systems.

The event was led by Jordi Baiget i Cantons, Minister of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The 500 attendees included leading figures in the region’s economic and political spheres, including representatives of major institutions, locally based companies and corporations, and entrepreneurs, participating in an evening that celebrated the very best of regional business development in Catalonia

Amate Audio has been at the forefront of innovation in pioneering various new technologies in the field of professional sound.

This is the second time Amate Audio has been awarded this honor. In 2009, the company received it for the development of its 900 m³ robotic anechoic chamber, one of the most advanced in Europe. A project carried out in collaboration with the UPC Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Amate Audio has been at the forefront of innovation, in pioneering several new technologies in the field of professional sound. The award this year was in recognition for the company’s research and development work in producing active loudspeaker systems for 3D immersive sound installations, in collaboration with both Eurecat and INTORNO LABS. A technology previously the preserve of the movie theater, can now successfully be applied to large scale events, such as electronic music festivals. The technology was presented last year at the Sonar + D and Mutek festivals, both held in Barcelona.

The demonstration at the Sonar + D festival comprised a system of 25 Amate Audio loudspeakers distributed hemi-spherically throughout the room and interconnected with the 3D production software developed by Eurecat. Integral signal processing in each loudspeaker provided a high quality fully immersive sound experience, with individual sounds and instruments being mixed throughout a 3D soundfield. With signal processing distributed throughout the loudspeaker system, installation is easy and fully scalable.

This award is recognition of the company’s mission and its conviction as to the importance of research, teamwork and the application of state-of-the-art technologies, in driving innovation in professional sound reproduction.