SEMINAR: Line Arrays Systems “The next generation of touring systems” @ South Korea

Presentation of new Xcellence touring solutions to South Korean clients & friends

January 29th, 2016 – DAEJEON

Amate Audio would like to thank to the group of sound professionals who attended the seminar held in Daejeon and specially to DAELIM MUSICAL Instruments, our official distributor in South Korea, for its commitment and effort during the event.

Joan Amate, Vice President and 
Chief Technical Officer, introduced the company’s philosophy and the main focus and challenges for 2016.

The main topic at the seminar was the presentation of the new brand releases: the Xcellence touring solutions. Attendees could hear the revolutionary coaxial 14″ loudspeaker X14T, which is an outstanding stage monitor, and still a great deal as main PA. The renewed X15T, with a 60ºx50º constant directivity horn in a more compact design, more powerful and lighter. The renewed direct radiation 18″ subwoofer X18T and the awesome 21″ subwoofer, the X21T. There were also X208 and X210 line array solutions as well as the double 18″ X218W3K subwoofer with 3000W amplification.

Daniel Bartolomé, Product Application Engineer, was in charge of the theoretical part as well as to introduce main features and possibilities of the new Xcellence touring solutions on two practical activities where attendees saw how small details and good planning can do great and amazing things.

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