12th Jarasum International Jazz Festival

Jarasum – South Korea

Several Amate Audio solutions took part in the 12th Jarasum International Jazz Festival on the beautiful island of Jarasum.

A wide variety of Amate Audio solutions were used in the 4 different stages of the festival, starting with the well-known MA series, and up to the versatile Joker series and the successful Xcellence series. The amazing impressions on the main stage’s coverage, thanks to the 24 X210 line array systems with 4x X215W and 4x X218W3K can be highlighted. Some of the latest solutions of the Joker series, such as the column array JK46A and the three-way systems JK318A were used at the smaller stages..

Since Jarasum’s first edition, the festival was not only focused on inviting artists from around the world, but has also aimed further, creating a cultural exchange through a wide variety of activities, including food, dance, arts, sports, and music, above all. The latter involved over 777 bands from 53 countries. Jarasum Jazz is highly committed to music and the search for a pleasant experience that helps bringing Jazz to every audience.

Even though this annual festival lasts only 3 days, the number of attendees has kept growing, with over 1,611,000 people present at this edition, its 12th one. This is one of the reasons why the South Korean Government has awarded the Jarasum festival as the most important cultural tourism festival. Additionally, due to its regard for the environment, the festival has been consecutively designated as an honorary ambassador of environmental protection over the past 5 years. Setting aside all these facts that make the festival a remarkable event, Jarasum is a special place for leaving day-to-day life behind and relax lying on the grass, gazing upon the stars and enjoying with your loved ones. All of this, along with the best jazz and excellent sound thanks to Amate Audio solutions.

Thanks to Sid Sound and our exclusive distributor in South Korea DAELIM MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS for the information.

Equipment list:
Party Stage
12+12 X210 line array systems
2+2 X215W subwoofers
2+2 X218W3K subwoofers
1+1 MAW218D7 subwoofers
2x X15CE stage monitors
2x SM12D stage monitors

Acoustic stage
4x JK46A column array systems
2x JK18WA2 subwoofers
2x JK15WA subwoofers

JJ Hawon Stage
MA210D7 line array systems
MA215D2K subwoofers
X12CE stage monitors

Welcome stage
JK318A three-way systems
JK10A point source systems

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